Mobile dog grooming & washing services

Wash and Dry

Your dog is washed in a large specially designed hydrobath. The dual tank system allows for your dog to be washed in fresh warm water (40c). The wash tank is separate from the rinse tank to enable a continuous supply of fresh warm water. We offer a selection of shampoos, so if your dog suffers from skin irritation or a sensitive skin then we have a suitable shampoo for you.

We use a twin speed professional dog drier to thoroughly dry your dog. This is particularly important for dogs with heavy coats to ensure that all the moisture is force dried out of the coat. Some dogs are agitated by the drier in which case we will towel dry as best as we can.

Wash , Dry and Groom

Washing and drying would be the same process as previously mentioned. Full groom includes clipping (or cutting) the coat back to whatever length is required (provided the coat is not tangled or matted in which case we usually clip short). Semi groom would be a trim or tidy up around the face, ears and paws.

We groom most small and medium breeds particularly Schnausers, Spaniels, Toy and Minature Poodles as well as various types of cross breeds such as Spoodles, Caboodles and Maltese/Shitshu.

Nails and Ears

Nails cut and ears cleaned.

Flea Treatment

This is a flea rinse concentrate applied after bathing your dog. This is not a preventative such as Frontline or Advantage but is usually applied if your dog already has fleas.

Mobile Dog Washing, Grooming, Sydney NSW